ALFA-Flex shoes/foot fasteners

Excellent care for small feet

The idea of ALFA-Flex shoes is to hold the sensitive child’s feet in the position imposed by the braces. Reliable and secure - and as gentle as possible. They need to stand the test day after day when used. We therefore developed the ALFA-Flex shoes together with doctors and orthopaedic technicians. All shoes contain no harmful substances and are biocompatible.
All models fit the ALFA-Flex and BETA-Flex braces. 

Please note: These are not “real” orthopaedic shoes, i.e. they are not suitable for walking since they have a fixed, smooth sole. The shoes are simply a fastener for the foot to fix it to the brace. On their own, without the brace, the shoes have no medical use.

Here you can find an overview of the most important benefits of ALFA-Flex shoes

Quality - shoes are manufactured exclusively from particularly soft cowhide leather

Padding - the visco-elastic memory foam provides pressure relief

Stability - the heel contour and special heel fastener secure the foot properly.

Secure - the correct position of the foot in the shoe can be controlled by a heel opening.

Compliance - a wide opening with step-in strap makes the shoes easy to put on.

Fit - shoes can be selected from models with various characteristics

Fasteners - the various shoe models can be chosen to have a practical clip fastener or fixed buckle strap. 

Click - shoes can be connected to the brace with a practical click fastener system

Our ALFA-Flex shoes/foot fasteners

Model: Bianca

high-shaft with buckle strap

Model: Frido

phase out model

The high shaft holds the foot securely in place.  Buckle straps prevent the child from taking off the shoe.

Model: Bianca
Colour: white
Size: 070-190 (foot length in mm)
Item no.: AL 0833 + size

  • 3 buckle straps to securely fasten the shoe (difficult for children to open unassisted, ideal for older children)

  • High-fitting uppers

The padded lining is particularly kind to skin. With a buckle strap to fix the shoe to the foot and two clip fasteners, the shoe can be quickly and easily put on. 

Model: Frido
Colour: blue
Size: 070-210 (foot length in mm)
Item no.: AL 1211 + size

  •  1 buckle strap, 2 clip fasteners for quick and simple opening

  •  Padded lining

Model: Henry

deal for children who like to kick

The strong heel contour and lateral length provides additional security for children who like to kick and often slip out of their shoes

Model: Henry
Colour: blue
Size: 080-180 (foot length in mm)
Item no.: AL 1411 + size

  • 1 buckle strap, 2 clip fasteners for quick and simple opening
  • Stronger inner cover
  • Stronger contoured heel
  • Laterally extended for an improved fit of the forefoot

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