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MNA+  Merry Christmas, Albania

In good old tradition, we are again supporting a charitable project with our Christmas donation this year. This time, we chose Medizinische Nothilfe Albanien e.V., or MNA+ for short.


Founded in 1996, the association is committed to improving health care in one of the poorest countries in Europe. And it does so in two ways. Firstly, by treating, caring for and accompanying those in need of help, regardless of religion, origin or financial situation. On the other hand, through a sustainable training and further education concept, with the aim of improving the general conditions in Albania through more specialists. The main focus of the association is orthopaedics.


In 2005, for example, MNA+ opened the first non-governmental orthopaedic workshop in Albania, and in 2010 a creative and support workshop for adults with mental disabilities. In 2015, a rehabilitation centre for the care of patients and the training of OT technicians was added. All this on a donation basis, with a steadily growing number of patients. We are happy to be able to make a small contribution to this wonderful project - and wish all staff and patients a Merry Christmas.

Traffic coloring book of the International Police Association

Children are particularly vulnerable in road traffic. Not only because they are small and therefore more often overlooked. Children are not yet familiar with the rules and dangers of road traffic - so they are unable to assess dangerous situations correctly. With the "Police Book", children learn about typical road traffic situations in a playful way by colouring the pictures - and are better prepared for possible dangers. We support the project as a sponsor.

Ponseti in the Czech Republic: Parents' initiative supported with donation of materials

Informing parents and those affected, pointing out perspectives and treatment methods, networking, supporting and helping - in order to improve the situation in the field of paediatric orthopaedics in the Czech Republic, Stanislava Bašatová founded the Achilleus association in March 2009. With over 1,200 members, the Czech Facebook group Achilleus has meanwhile become the central community platform in the Czech Republic. An important topic is the strengthening of the Ponseti method. For her commitment, Stanislava Bašatová was named Woman of the Year 2019 in the charity category by Woman and Life magazine. Semeda supports the project with a substantial donation of materials. More about the project at


Colouring books can save lives - we are on board!

How do you react when there is a fire? The Uelzen District Fire Brigade Association (Kreisfeuerwehrverband Uelzen e.V.) and K&L Verlag have developed an easy-to-understand colouring and work book for boys and girls of kindergarten and primary school age. The book tells the stories of Mario and his sister Olivia in short, child-friendly episodes - each with a painting motif. In them, they learn how to behave in an emergency and how to call for help. We think: a good thing!


That is why we support the project
By dealing with the topic in a playful way, children learn to take responsibility and to be careful with fire so as not to endanger themselves or others. Educators, pedagogues and parents can discuss the stories with the children and practise the right behaviour. Thanks to the support of many local businesses, the colouring and workbooks can be distributed free of charge to kindergarten and primary school children in the district of Uelzen e. V.. A commitment we are very happy to support. You can find out more about the project here.


Christmas Donation 2019: Project Feuerkinder - Clubfoot Treatment in Tanzania

This year's Christmas donation goes to the project Feuerkinder (Firechildren) in Tanzania. The charity organisation treats children and adolescents who do receive no or only poor medical care free of charge. In addition to burns, leg deformities are one of the main areas of work. In the clubfoot outpatient clinic in the Usa River Rehabilitation Centre URRC, affected children are treated with the conservative clubfoot treatment according to Ponseti - and Tanzanian specialists are trained and educated in the method. In addition, the URRC is coordinating the establishment of five further clubfoot outpatient clinics, which are being financed with the support of the US NGO "Miracle Feet". The Project Feuerkinder needs further donations to purchase materials such as plaster, bars and shoes for post-treatment, as well as for training and further education for Tanzanian employees.  More information can be found at

Christmas Donations 2018 - Mercy Ships hospital ships

This year we support the aid organisation Mercy Ships, which has been operating hospital ships in developing countries since 1978. Volunteers from over 40 countries offer free medical care to affected people, for example in the fields of surgery and orthopaedics.
In addition to free operations and treatments, the NGO pursues a holistic approach with the aim of improving the living conditions of local people. Mercy Ships trains local doctors in the Ponseti method, the standard for non-invasive clubfoot correction. In order to ensure the necessary follow-up care, local partners are also trained in the production of the necessary orthopaedic splints. Learn more about Mercy Ships here (german website).


Christmas Donations 2017 - "Christmas in a shoebox"


Also this year we refrain from sending Christmas cards to our customers. According to our tradition, we support a selected charitable project instead. This time we chose "Christmas in a shoebox". This project distributes Christmas parcels to children in need, many of whom have never received a gift in their life. All parcels are packed by the donors themselves and contain not only sweets and toys but also useful things such as crayons or clothes. Our employees enjoyed the gift campaign very much. Please find out more about the campaign and its background here.

Christmas Donations 2016

As in previous years, we have chosen not to send Christmas cards to our customers in order to use the money to support a selected project. This year we chose “Cure”, a worldwide charity network of clinics and doctors which – among other projects – is highly engaged in promoting the club foot treatment after Ponseti in the poorest countries of the world. This non-profit organization deals with people affected in 18 countries, from Burkina Faso to Zimbabwe, from Haiti to India. If you wish to find out more about the commitment click here.

Work for the right and important things

Each year, about 100.000 children worldwide are born with clubfoot - a hereditary deformity of the extremities that can be simply corrected when treated at an early age using the Ponseti method. However, only a small percentage of people affected worldwide receive the optimum medical care - particularly in developing countries, where only few people are treated for clubfoot conditions.

As a company specialising in children’s orthopaedics, Semeda is working hard to introduce the Ponseti method of clubfoot treatment on a global scale. Semeda has doctors, technicians and other committed people training and explanatory material available, and supports training events and courses on the Ponseti method in Germany and Europe. Furthermore, Semeda provides financial assistance for clubfoot projects in developing countries. The aim of these activities is to increase awareness and acceptance of Ponseti clubfoot treatment worldwide, giving more people access to this method of treatment.

Furthermore, the general medical care of children is particularly important to us. Every year, therefore, we donate our Christmas donations to support a selected project in this area.


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