Those who don’t develop anything, don’t develop

Since its formation, the enhancement and development of new medical products has been an important part of our company philosophy. Semeda places great value on close cooperation with all groups of people affected, such as doctors, orthopaedic technicians, patients and relatives.

Setting new standards
The results of our development processes are always particularly practice-orientated and often set new standards in user-friendliness. An example of this is the ALFA-Flex clubfoot orthesis: In comparison to ortheses that were previously available on the market, our ALFA-Flex orthesis has significantly simplified the accurate setting of therapeutic angles for the Ponseti method and greatly simplifies the process of setting up the brace for parents.  Thanks to the patented click system, parents can put the therapeutic shoes on the child separately, and connect the orthesis with just one click.

Discover new products
Our newest product is the BETA-Flex foot abduction brace that has been available on the market since 2014 after many years of development work. The orthesis contains completely unique joints that allow children freedom of movement, whilst the spring joints with reset force realign the feet into the therapeutic position.  Other new products pending patent approval: The Comfoot bandage shoe.

Developing new ideas
Most ideas are generally formed by people who have a personal understanding of what the market needs - a knowledge of what it is missing, what can be improved and what would make everyday life easier. Semeda encourages doctors and technicians to outline their ideas in a confidential environment, and considers these suggestions for their feasibility and financial viability.  


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