The BETA-Flex foot abduction brace -

Dynamic Brace with freedom of movement

Allows kicking and crawling, even during brace treatment: The BETA-Flex foot abduction brace allows small patients more freedom of movement with full therapeutic functionality. This innovative brace concept was developed together with specialist doctors.

New, patented and unique: Two springy joints enable the child to kick and crawl during brace treatment. The reset forces induce the feet to always be realigned into the desired therapeutic position.

Greater freedom of movement
Two springy joints enable the child to gently kick and crawl during brace treatment. The movement radius of the joints is 70°.

Age-friendly reset force
The reset force of the moving joints can be adjusted via two different spring forces depending on the child’s age.

Easy familiarisation
Greater freedom of movement means less limitations for small patients. The improved wearer comfort eases the familiarisation process and increases acceptance of the brace.

Angles according to Ponseti
The abduction angle can be set between 0° and 70°; the dorsal extension is fixed at 5° in the therapeutic area.

Practical BETA-Flex accessories

BETA-Flex Mini - extra small and light
If desired, a particularly small and light middle section for the brace is available. As the child grows, the middle section can simply be swapped for the adjustable standard module.

No more struggles with the BETA-Flex retainer pin
If required, the flexible BETA-Flex brace can be changed to a fixed brace system using a practical retainer pin.


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