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The Feuerkinder project was planned in 2000 as a one-off aid programme - and has since grown into a permanent institution in Tanzania.


In order to improve the challenging health care of the population, a team of orthopaedic surgeons, anaesthetists, surgical nurses, physiotherapists and an orthopaedic technician travels to the Nkoaranga Hospital in northern Tanzania one to three times a year. The team operates on and treats children and young people with deformities of the arms and legs, such as clubfoot and pronounced X and O-B deformities, free of charge. Clubfoot treatment according to


Ponseti was introduced in 2006, followed by further steps in 2011 with a separate department for clubfoot children at the Usa River Rehabilitation Centre and the establishment of a clubfoot network in northern Tanzania in cooperation with Miracle-Feet. Since the foundation of Feuerkinder, over 2,400 operations and 7,700 outpatient treatments have been carried out.


Feuerkinder is financed by donations.



Learning first aid through play

What should you do if someone is injured while playing - and no adult is around? The "First aid for children" colouring book and workbook shows children how to treat minor wounds themselves in a fun and creative way. They also learn in a practical way what to do in major emergencies such as burns, scalds or fractures. This reduces inhibitions and fear of contact - and provides safety and self-confidence in an emergency. We are sponsoring the project again this year so that the brochure can be distributed free of charge to primary schools in the district of Uelzen.


AOK pedometer campaign

Team on track

With the "AOK pedometer campaign", the health insurance company wanted to motivate its members to exercise more in times of corona. After all, working from home has eliminated many "work-related" exercise patterns, from travelling to work to going to the canteen. "We wanted to know how much we really move around in our "new coronavirus everyday life" - and as a team of 10, we counted our steps with a pedometer for six weeks," explains Ute Marksteiner-Besenthal, who initiated and coordinated the project for us. Our goal as a team: to walk from Bad Bodenteich to Amsterdam and back.

In order to complete the circuit with a good two million steps in six weeks, each of us had to take an average of 10,000 steps per day. Participants were able to enter their results daily on a campaign website and track their progress "live", both their individual performance and the team's overall performance on a daily basis.

With more than 2.2 million steps, we even exceeded the target! At the end of the successful campaign, we received an AOK certificate and a "tulip from Amsterdam" from Semeda :-).

Our conclusion: it was not only fun and got us "moving" a bit, but also motivated us to exercise more after the campaign was over by raising awareness of the topic. Who knows where we'll go next ...

Let`s make a difference

One of our most important concerns is the international dissemination of the Ponseti method.  We develop teaching and educational material, support Ponseti workshops in Germany and Europe and promote clubfoot projects in developing countries. We also provide targeted support for local projects that are committed to the welfare of children. A selection of current news and projects.
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