Extras – More Semeda products for the Ponseti therapy

Many articles have proven their value during Ponseti therapy in real-life situations. Several of these were developed in our company; others come from companies we have collaborated with for many years.

Important: Private individuals cannot obtain the products directly from us, as we only deliver to wholesalers. Interested parents should simply inform their orthopaedic technician and the order will be placed for them.

Semeda ALFA-Soft – Heel cushion

Innovative heel cushion for perfect fixation for “slipping heel”, highly active children and particularly sensitive baby skin. It is available in two sizes, is quick and easy to attach to the shoe, and can be cut to shape.

The effect: The heel cushion offers the heel additional support and prevents or reduces pressure points.


  Article                                                                          Order number


  Heel cushion I
  (small, recommended for shoe sizes 70 - 100)      AL 1700-001

Article                                                                           Order number


Heel cushion II
(large, recommended for shoe sizes over 110)      AL 1700-002



Naturapura Socks -

With the highest recommendation from Semeda

Socks are very important for protecting the sensitive young skin while wearing night splints. Special socks from the company Naturapura have proved themselves in practice, and are characterised by the following characteristics.

Hardly noticeable inner seams 

The risk of pressure points is reduced by almost seam-less socks. 

Well shaped for a crease-free fit

A good fit and elasticity are important to ensure no creases form in the shoe.

Thick material for cushioning

As with hiking socks, the thickness of the material offers additional padding.

Natural, skin-friendly material

The socks are made of 98 % ecologically grown, unbleached and undyed cotton, plus 2 % elastane.

Thermo-socks with thick padding - ideal for the cold period

Age  0/3 months 3/6 months 6/12 months 12/24 months
Foot length mm 70/80 80/90 100/110 120-140
EU Size 14 15/16 17/18 19/20
Colour natural white natural white natural white natural white
Sock type Thermo-sock Thermo-sock Thermo-sock Thermo-sock
Art. No NP 1633-001  NP 1633-002   NP 1633-003 NP 1633-004

Thin socks - for happy little feet

Age 0/3 months 3/6 months 6/12 months 12/24 months
Foot length mm 70/80 80/90 100/110 120-140
EU Size 14 15/16 17/18 19/20
Colour natural white natural white natural white natural white
Sock type Thin sock Thin sock Thin sock Thin sock
Art. No. NP 1733-001 NP 1733-002 NP 1733-003 NP 1733-004


C.A.T.S. - The Cast Application Training Set by Semeda for physicians

Practice makes perfect: With the anatomical Cast Application Training Set (C.A.T.S.) from Semeda, you can demonstrate and practice redressing a clubfoot and its subsequent plaster casting in your surgery. The set comprises two anatomically shaped children’s legs made from polyethylene - one uncorrected and one with a partly corrected clubfoot. Ideal for workshops, as a demonstration object and for reinforcing practical knowledge of the method.

C.A.T.S – The advantages

  • Practical, anatomical demonstration and practice object

  • Value for money

  • Every participant can take a correctly cast leg home with them

Order number
  Clubfoot I (uncorrected) Disposable product PU (right)
CA 1600-001
  Clubfoot II (partly corrected) Disposable product PU (right) CA 1600-002
  Bracket plexiglass
CA 1600-003

   C.A.T.S. - Workshop-Bundle

   Clubfoot I (5 pieces)
   Clubfoot II (5 pieces)
   Bracket plexiglass (1 piece)

CA 1600-000


Ponseti - Educational DVD

Discover the principle behind Ponseti treatment - redressing taking into account kinematic coupling - with the bone model and follow a Ponseti treatment from the very first plaster cast through to the final therapy phase. We will be happy to post this DVD to you free of charge. Order your own copy here.

Order Doc
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