COMFOOT bandage shoes/foot fasteners.

The most comfortable way of securing the foot

Is there a shoe that fits comfortably on a sensitive baby’s foot and also provides optimum securing of the foot? Our answer to this is the COMFOOT bandage shoe. This innovative shoe concept was developed together with specialist doctors and technicians. It combines a designed and antibacterial upper and forefoot model, with an elasticated bandage material. The result is an improved shoe that fits each individual child’s foot.

The bandage shoe is available in two different model varieties, with a choice of COMFOOT-Blue shoe or COMFOOT-White shoe. All models fit the ALFA-Flex and BETA-Flex braces. 


Please note: These are not “real” orthopaedic shoes, i.e. they are not suitable for walking since they have a fixed, smooth sole. The shoes are simply a fastener for the feet to be fixed to the brace. On their own, without the brace, the shoes have no medical use.

Here you can find an overview of the most important benefits of Comfoot shoes

Comfortable - elastic bandage material for better fit with high shape retention

Stability - a moulded and antibacterial upper and forefoot rubber chassis, providing optimum securing of small feet 

Adjustable - more-width concept, suitable for narrow, standard and wider feet

Secure - extra large heel opening for visible control of the foot position 
Practical - wide access for easy handling

Click - shoes can be connected to the brace with a practical click fastener system



The bandage material provides an excellent, comfortable fit and securely fastens small feet. Quick to put on thanks to clip fasteners.


Model: COMFOOT-Blue
Colour: blue
Size: 070-180 (foot length in mm)
Item no.: CB 1811 + size


  • Fits normal and wide feet (two widths in one shoe)
  • Exchangeable strap cushion available in two colours
    for boys and girls (light blue, pink)
  • Currently available in the sizes 70 - 180 mm


Ideal for particularly narrow feet that perspire heavily - thanks to a secure upper and insole with antibacterial properties.


Model: COMFOOT-White
Colour: white
Größe:  070-180
Item no.: CW 1833 + size

  • Elastic bandage material for better fit with high shape retention

  • Insole with side wings that also fit narrow feet well. Trimmable wings for wide feet.
  • 3 buckle straps to securely fasten the shoe (difficult for children to open unassisted, ideal for older children)


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