The ALFA-Flex foot abduction brace -                                     

proven for more than 10 years worldwide

The ALFA-Flex brace was developed in 2004 according to Dr. Ponseti by specialist doctors and experts in clubfoot treatment. The aim of the new brace was to design the subsequent brace treatment of the plaster cast correction to be as effective, secure and safe as possible.

The result was a new, particularly light brace suitable for children, greatly simplifying its use with numerous innovations and improving compliance. It is currently used around the world by leading specialist doctors, offering a complete treatment solution together with Semeda shoes for children aged 0 - 5 years. 

Ball joints
Maximum movement in the therapeutic area

Abduction angle
Adjustable between 0° and 80°

Dorsal extension
Adjustable between 0° and 20° 

Brace adaptable to growth
Brace can be used for the duration of the treatment thanks to an adjustable brace length of up to 30cm

Practical click system
Fasten brace and shoes together with one click

Child-friendly design
Colourful and bright design for more compliance

Practical ALFA-Flex accessories

XL middle oval for particularly large children
For particularly large children the ALFA-Flex brace can be expanded with the XL middle oval. The maximum brace length can be extended to 37cm.

Durable thanks to the Semeda brace padding
The Semeda brace padding made from washable neoprene allows the brace to be quickly and effectively padded. This protects the parents, child, furniture and floors. The brace padding can be easily attached using the practical Velcro fastener.


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